Like other gifted learners, 2e students are highly knowledgeable and talented in at least one particular domain. However, their giftedness is often overshadowed by their disabilities, or these students may be able to mask or hide their learning deficits by using their talents to compensate. Sometimes a 2e child’s special education needs are overlooked until adolescence or later, or are never identified throughout his or her life.

One definition of 2e is “individuals evidence exceptional ability and disability, which results in a unique set of circumstances. Their exceptional ability may dominate, hiding their disability; their disability may dominate, hiding their exceptional ability; each may mask the other so that neither is recognized or addressed.” (The National Twice Exceptional Community of Practice)

So what happens to young people with twice exceptionality? Do they even know they have this gift? How do you help them help themselves? Why do so many professionals and even families miss these individuals? LDI is here to help these individuals to their full potential.