Transitions are commonplace in all areas of life and can certainly bring apprehension, uncertainty, expectation, and hope.

At Life Development Institute (LDI), students who have learning disabilities, Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), ADHD, and other social or learning issues are actively engaged in developing practical skills for independent adult living.

Among the skills learned, properly interacting with changes and the variety of transitions that occur represents a key element in successfully navigating everyday life.  Students are offered many opportunities to develop this technique through coursework, employment, interactions with their community, and other daily activities.  Ironically, the same abilities are needed in academic life as school comes filled with many transitions, which include changes in classes, instructors, courses, and breaks in education.  

As it happens, LDI finds itself in the middle of its two-week break between the summer and fall trimester. This period of time provides students with a break from classroom curriculum wherein they can visit family, continue to work, and become refreshed in anticipation of the upcoming term.  At the same time, LDI staff also engages in transition by closing out grades, prepping for new courses, and preparing for the exit of existing students and the entrance of new students.  Changes are occurring already with many more to come in this brief moment between trimesters.  

As such, LDI realizes that it is important to take a moment to reflect upon what has come before, to celebrate the successes, to learn from the disappointments and mistakes, and to recognize what happens before, during, and after transitional periods in life.  In these moments, it is important to understand that apprehension, uncertainty, expectation, and hope are initial responses to the impending change that is upon each person.  

Recognition of this truth offers a level of peace as one accurately perceives that crossing this transitional bridge from expectation to reality will cause such nervousness and fear to fade away.  In its place, the realization of expectation matched with hope will offer a present reality wherein one can thrive by focusing on that which is instead of that which is expected to come.  

Then, after all has culminated, each person will look back in a moment similar to this moment and once again find reflection, celebration, learning, and a return to the hope of what may come during the next transition.

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