2017 Emerging Leaders Summer Academy in Review

On July 28, 2017, Life Development Institute (LDI) completed its 2017 Emerging Leaders Summer Academy.  LDI began in 1982 and continues as an organization of high moral purpose that provides education to high school and young adult students who have learning disabilities, non-verbal learning disabilities, Asperger’s syndrome, [...]

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Life Development Institute in Perspective: LDI International Student Program

Life Development Institute (LDI) offers program options for U.S. students and families include a day high school program, 5 week summer academy, and day or apartment-based postsecondary programs. Furthering the uniqueness of LDI, it is important to note that international students have the potential to enroll in [...]

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Building on Successes and Moving Forward: Congratulations to Jordan H.!

One of the many joys that Life Development Institute (LDI) continues to receive is being an active participant in the development, success, and progress of its students. The culmination of hard-work, time, and commitment result in the successful transition of students towards the next stage in their [...]

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Education by Doing Results in Learning

Life Development Institute (LDI) believes that a foundational standard to achieving success in transitioning to adult living lies in the active participation within education. Often times, the theoretical information can result in a cognitive awareness of what something is or how to complete the theoretical task.  However, [...]

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At LDI, Students with Learning Disabilities Can Reach Their Academic, Social and Workplace Potential Through Summer Programming

Many teens and young adults with hidden disabilities such as specific learning disorders, ADHD, high functioning Autism and similar issues aspire to-and yearn for-greater success in higher education and community inclusion. Summer college-bridge or transition-focused programming such as LDI

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Special Education Reforms: What will New Test Accountability Mean?

The US Department of Education is publicly declaring its intention to move away from assessing special education state quality indicators/compliance for students/schools based on a system of achieving and maintaining education and civil rights protections to one based on test score achievement. Secretary Arne Duncan calls it [...]

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WISE-ing up: Future relevance of special education?

The World Innovation Summit for Education in Doha, Qatar zeroed in on the concept of education being in a transtional state- especially with technological breakthroughs expanding the potential access of education- but also fragementing/dividing the world into digital haves/have nots. Even though only 3% of the continent of Africa is [...]

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