Free Wednesday Workshop: Creating Workplace Success for Young Adults with Autism (ASD) and Learning Disabilities

If you are a young adult with disabilities or parent, or involved in the management, counseling and human resources fields, don

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World Disability Union: New global organization dedicated to barrier-free life for LD, ADHD, NVLD, Autism & Asperger’s

Every now and then, one catches a glimpse of a world where people willingly come together to improve life for individuals with disabilities- and every condition is welcomed & included. There is such a place in Istanbul, Turkey. I mean, come on! What's not to like when you see a huge billboard of World Disability Union (WDU) President Metin Sentuk welcoming the world when I arrived at the airport??!! My recent trip to Istanbul, Turkey, as an invited USA delegate to the WDU General Assembly brings me renewed hope for the millions of persons who have learning disabilities, ADHD, Asperger's, TBI or other "hidden disabilities." These are real persons being left behind ; whose needs go unanswered due to not considered being part of the " most significantly disabled."

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DisLabeling: Reconciling unnecessary discrimination, exclusion & confusion arising from having

This post deals with DisLabeling, an unacceptable and unnecessary form of segregation for people with disabilities. A two-tiered system of services is tolerated by PwD that arbritrarily places them into either "mild" or "signficant" categories. This results in the majority of people with higher incidence conditions that received attention through special education in public school, not being disabled enough to be found eligible for adult services and/or reasonable adjustments. Information on issues & trends are discussed, with a call-to-action summary.

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EmployAbility Rally Moves Forward!

The planning committee for the EmployAbility rally met today at the Phoenix corporate headquarters of  This free-to-the public event is set for October 28th, 2010 and will occur on the Arizona state Capital Mall from 9:00 a.m. until 12 p.m. It's purpose is to be a community-building effort dedicated to [...]

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Thoughts from Doha and the World Innovation Summit for Education

The Qatar Foundation recently launched the first World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE) in the capital city of Doha on November 16-18, 2009. Three years in the making, its overall objective is to take on the task improving/providing global access to education for citizens as a basic human right through promoting/scaling/replicating concrete initiatives [...]

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