New Logo for the Global Network for Entrepreneurs with Disabilities

A core group of members that started the Global Network for Entrepreneurs with Disabilities has worked on, and developed a new logo. This post shares the logo, and some individual reflections of the symbolism as it relates to being a successful business person who happens to live with a disability. A Wordpress website is expected to be launched by mid-June, and readers will be updated!

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DisLabeling: Reconciling unnecessary discrimination, exclusion & confusion arising from having

This post deals with DisLabeling, an unacceptable and unnecessary form of segregation for people with disabilities. A two-tiered system of services is tolerated by PwD that arbritrarily places them into either "mild" or "signficant" categories. This results in the majority of people with higher incidence conditions that received attention through special education in public school, not being disabled enough to be found eligible for adult services and/or reasonable adjustments. Information on issues & trends are discussed, with a call-to-action summary.

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ADAA 2010 & Beyond: New day dawning or same old song?

Hope for a new day of equal opportunity In January, 2009, The U.S. House of Representatives showed overwhelming bipartisan support for the American’s with Disabilities Amendments Act by a vote 405-17 approving the measure. Political ideology did not trump Congress being on the right side of this [...]

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