Residential High School Program


Our new, innovative classroom and online-instruction based academic curriculum and methodologies provide students with the opportunity to concurrently gain independent-living skills, social skills and work & leadership experience all while earning an internationally recognized high school diploma.

The purpose and intent of the LDI Residential High School Program is to provide an innovative pathway toward students receiving an internationally recognized, fully-accredited high school diploma — not a certificate of attendance or completion. The high school program does not restrict or limit personal growth and development to only academic pursuits. In addition, academic curriculum and methodologies provide students with an opportunity to concurrently gain work experience, begin to plan a career and take dual enrollment courses at the local community college. Students enrolled in this program also experience independent-living while assuming some financial responsibilities AND earn a high school diploma at the same time.

The LDI high school program is dedicated to older adolescents and young adults who are struggling with traditional secondary academics. The process provides students instruction, “real world” experience and tools needed to lead meaningful, productive and independent lives. The two-year program, which mirrors the (post-secondary program), includes a supportive campus and residential community that gives individuals the education, skills and training they need to live independently.

By offering a high school program in a community-based environment, LDI gives students a chance to feel and experience independence, and instill a desire to succeed. The unique residential setting gives program participants the opportunity to live in a non-sectarian apartment community located in an upscale apartment complex in the community — not a traditional dormitory, or institutional setting.

The curriculum emphasizes a performance-based learning processes leading to increased scholastic success. Equally important is the course of action promoting the development of self-determination, self-directedness and personal confidence. All the programs at LDI underline development of adult-living skills, academic development, healthy relationships and pursuit of career pathways.

The LDI high school curriculum and program is (fully accredited) through the North Central Association Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement and is approved as a private special education school through the Arizona Department of Education.

Graduation Requirements

  • Completion of all class projects, academic or other assignments, and related work
  • Completion of 120 days of continuous competitive employment
  • Engaging and participation in financial planning with at least $1,000 in savings from verified paycheck stubs from employment
  • Completion and formal presentation of a career plan.  The career plan combines vocational assessments, field exploration targeting individual career education, training, and employment requirements.

Students who successfully meet the Institute’s graduation requirements earn a diploma recognized by colleges, postsecondary training programs, the military, or employers. It is truly a “passport” into the adult world and moving toward independent living.