Our program includes an excellent & safe apartment complex where students live together while attending college, career exploration opportunities, with special international student advisors and a Diversity Center to facilitate meeting other students.

We are delighted that you are interested in studying at the Life Development Institute International Student Program (LDI ISP) and welcome you to discover what LDI can offer in terms of academic, career, cultural and personal growth opportunities for students with special needs based in beautiful Glendale, Arizona!

LDI is a fully accredited, college preparatory high school & post-secondary independent program for higher education-capable young adults 18 & older, where students thrive in a learning and living environment providing holistic academic and community engagement.

Our program creates a practical and inclusive bridge between the secondary and higher education and career development aspirations of Gap – PG students and/or struggling, but otherwise capable, college students. We focus on improving readiness and academic success in college, identifying viable career paths, building interpersonal and leadership skills.

Students access a substantial resource base of local colleges, career training programs, technical schools, and employers. Instead of a