It’s About Results…

Program Results

For most students entering LDI, educational and employment success have been elusive. Their educational and employment difficulties have adversely affected how many view themselves and their opportunities for the future.

Since 1982, LDI’s community-based and results-oriented special education programs in a residential setting have provided a supportive environment for people to grow and thrive, achieving success in obtaining competitive employment, living on their own, pursuing higher education or advanced job training, and developing healthy adult relationships.

The following improvements are recognized in students after successful completion of the LDI program. To learn more about how the Life Development Institute program will benefit your young adult child, we’d love to talk further if you would like to contact us.

Student Improvements

  • The student makes logical connections between personal wants and needs across a variety of adult life decisions.
  • The student is more self-aware of how their behavior affects the positive development of peer relationships. Significant reductions of “off the wall” comments unrelated to the conversation or circumstances.
  • The student has increased awareness and improved performance in commonly accepted and practiced social graces.
  • The student displays less avoidance-type behaviors due to increased practice and personal responsibility in dealing effectively with the perceived risks of “failing.”
  • The student can make informed career planning decisions by utilizing a system of tools/methods that recognize & build on individual assets and manage functional limitations.
  • The student demonstrates independent ability to identify, enroll, and complete college or career programming with passing grades/scores.
  • The student is able to conduct an independent job search, interview, accept and retain competitive employment for at least 120 continuous days.
  • The student comprehends and appreciates that employers expect all employees to perform certain job functions in specific ways.
  • The student understands and complies with the policy/procedure demands of a particular work setting.
  • The student successfully lives on their own, manages the daily tasks of independent living, and begins to support themselves financially.

Life Development Institute Special Education Programs

Life Development Institute Day High School Program

Day High School

The day high school program is an ideal transitional bridge to higher education, employability and quality of life.

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Residential High School

In-residence high school aimed at developing independent living, social, work, and leadership skills while earning a diploma.

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Life Development Institute Summer Academy

Summer Academy

A 3-week summer program for high school seniors and recently graduated students with learning difficulties considering college.

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