Our students

Students arrive at LDI with a wide spectrum of issues, goals, and objectives.

At LDI, students are taught to develop organizational skills, planning and prioritizing time management and scheduling with staff. Students are expected to apply this knowledge and information into their daily lives. These are some of the skills needed to carry on daily adult lives beyond the program

This approach assists in students understanding how to develop the self-awareness needed to face the challenges of adult life. LDI teaches and guides students, 14 years of age and older, through their transition to becoming independent and self-supported – from earning their high school diplomas, and starting college, to pursuing satisfying careers.

Students are nurtured through employment that is compatible with their unique capabilities. LDI works with students who have been diagnosed with a variety of conditions sometimes referred to as “hidden disabilities” including Asperger’s Syndrome, ADHD, Learning Disabilities, High Functioning Autism, Mood Disorders, Anxiety, and Obsessive Compulsive Disorders, among others.

our students

LDI recognizes and considers the fact that there are frequently secondary diagnoses with these conditions, and will discuss these conditions as possible eligibility entrance considerations.

All students receiving treatment from a psychiatrist must be willing to be medication compliant. LDI does offer medication support, but the willingness on the part of the student to take medications, as prescribed, is an entrance criterion.

Many LDI students have driver’s licenses and may bring their cars the first trimester or any time thereafter. Some students come to us with college credits, some right out of high school, and a few have graduated from college with an Associate or Bachelor degree.

There are some students who choose not to attend college or technical training and are strictly focused on employment. LDI has a very diverse population, just like one would find in the workforce or any adult community.