October 6, 2014

Contact: Justin Coller – Manager of Marketing, Life Development Institute

New Website connects families with 20-plus excellent programs for special needs young adults across the U.S.

While there are a growing number of programs across the U.S. providing transitional services to young adults with disabilities, it is sometimes hard for individuals with disabilities, parents, professionals and consultants to learn about them.

That is why the Network of Special Needs Programs is proud to announce a newly created website at that, with just a few clicks, will give parents and professionals a comprehensive look at the breadth of programs across the U.S.

The new website represents the collaborative work of 20-plus programs specializing in college preparation, independent living, life skills education, vocational preparation and a wide variety of specialized services. The site is search-engine friendly, spans nearly every state in the U.S. and features an easy drop-down menu where visitors can search based on geographic location, program goals and special needs.

“If you are looking for an Asperger program, an autism program, or even a program specializing in brain injury, we have resources to offer you,” said Justin Coller of the Life Development Institute, who took the lead in getting the website professionally designed. The site also includes a home page with recent news of each of the participating programs.

The Network of Special Needs Programs is a national group of specialized learning centers that provides Independent Living, Academic and Vocational services for young adults with a myriad of intellectual and/or developmental disabilities. These programs strive for excellence in person centered services and collaboration with one another to effectively provide families with support services and placements throughout the United States. These programs offer transitional and long term placements.

The Network has held several ice cream socials at national conferences for the Independent Educational Consultants Association (IECA) and has done several joint marketing projects. Currently the network comprises these programs:

  • Berkshire Hills Music Academy
  • Casa de Amma
  • Chapel Haven
  • College Internship Program (CIP)
  • College Living Experience (CLE)
  • Foundation for Independent Living, Inc.
  • Franklin Academy
  • Independence Center
  • Life Development Institute (LDI)
  • Mansfield Hall
  • Marbridge Life Options Community
  • Minnesota Life College
  • Moving Forward Towards Independence
  • Options for College Success
  • OPTIONS Transitions to Independence
  • Rainbow Acres
  • ScenicView Academy
  • St. Louis Life
  • The Horizons School
  • Vista Vocational and Life Skills Center