Michelle Moreno, Manager of Marketing and Admissions, brings both educational and career experience to LDI. Michelle holds an M.A. in Innovative Leadership and a B.S. in Criminal Justice with a minor in Human Services. She worked as a Senior Student Services Advisor for over six years with the Military Division at University of Phoenix. Prior to that, Michelle worked in Admissions and Enrollment for University of Phoenix in the Military division as well. Overall Michelle spent over ten years advising and supporting students to achieve their educational goals. Many of the students Michelle worked with during her time in the military division had disabling conditions from their time in the military. Michelle always shared her belief that, “Anyone can achieve one’s goals if given the proper support and tools for success” and she supported her students with that belief in mind every day.

In Michelle’s’ role with LDI, she develops and maintains the admission and marketing organizational strategies by contributing information, analysis and recommendations through strategic thinking and direction. Her role is the first interaction one would have with LDI. In addition, Michelle not only works with the students, but she also works within the community, sharing information about all of the benefits of and successes with LDI.

Michelle enjoys spending time with her four children and her two grandsons. Family is important to Michelle, as is setting the example that with perseverance one can achieve any goal one sets their mind to at any age.