Megan Pirehpour - Lead Instructional Supervisor Megan Pirehpour is the Lead Instructional Supervisor at Life Development Institute responsible for establishing a uniquely trained faculty and oversees development of specialized curriculum for their training, while successfully assisting student transition to graduation and adulthood. Megan believes in empowering diverse peoples with a self-awareness of personal achievement in today’s ever-changing world.

Megan’s journey began as a Mental Health Specialist and Combat Medic in the U.S. Army. While serving, she conducted critical incident debriefings; co-facilitated group and individual therapy to include survivors of sexual abuse; delivered stress management sessions; counseled clients with personal, behavioral and psychological problems; assisted with the treatment for individuals with psychiatric, drug, and alcohol patients; administered emergency medical treatment; and helped to manage soldiers’ medical readiness. After the military, Megan worked as a student advisor at universities; as a manager at a domestic violence shelter; and a youth support specialist for a homeless shelter.

Megan most recently moved from the public-school system where she taught for over a decade as a special education teacher and transition facilitator for students with diverse disabilities to include mild and moderate intellectual disabilities, ADHD, autism, emotional disabilities, traumatic brain injury, learning disabilities to include dyscalculia, dysgraphia, dyslexia, oral/written language and reading comprehension deficits, and non-verbal learning disabilities. Her experiences include supporting students with executive functioning deficits such as impulse control, emotional control, working memory, self-monitoring, task initiation, and organizational skills. Furthermore, Megan has also worked as a liaison for juveniles re-entering society after detention.

Megan became a foster parent and provided therapeutic foster care for youths with significant emotional, behavioral, medical, and social issues. Megan knows how to build rapport with students and empower youths to reach their full potential.

As the Head of the Delegation of Special Olympics, Megan established Unified Sports programs at high schools where she paired student athletes with intellectual disabilities together with general education peer partners without disabilities. Megan served as the head coach and mentored many students

throughout the years in a variety of sports including the state finals in basketball and golf. Through Megan’s implementation of inclusive sports, the team was the recipient of the National Unified Champion Banner.

Megan is currently working on her PsyD in Psychology at California Southern University. She also holds an MS in Human Development and Leadership from Murray State University, an MEd in Cross-Categorical Special Education K-12 from Grand Canyon University, and a BA in Broadcasting and Journalism from the Walter Cronkite School at Arizona State University.

In 2016, Megan expanded her family and adopted two young boys. She currently has a total of five children, two grandkids, and three fur babies that were rescued from local animal shelters. When not traveling, Megan enjoys bike riding, hiking, and planning her next adventures.