Often times, life is so filled with growth and activity that it becomes common and easy to overlook the steps taken.  At Life Development Institute (LDI), life does not slow down as students are engaged in education and the living out of this education through the development towards independent living.  At the same time, LDI realizes that taking a moment to look at the progress made encourages the continual drive for excellence.  Therefore, LDI would like to take a moment and highlight some of the student successes experienced thus far this trimester.

  • Baxter B. is successfully working at LDI as a Student Work Intern and is building valuable work experience and skills.
  • Chris M. is using time management skills to balance work at Peckham with personal life.  In fact, he is asking for more hours!
  • Garvey N. has an internship at Playgrounds where he is taking the skills learned at LDI and transferring them to help children to experience life in a safe and fun environment.
  • Jordan H. has been accepted into Musician’s Institute in L.A. and will use the skills learned at LDI to succeed as he moves forward in his education.
  • Dexter V. and Frankie V. both attended and completed the AZ Youth Leadership Forum.  Awesome job!
  • Eric S. continues to excel at Banner Thunderbird Hospital.
  • Samantha S. has grown immensely and made remarkable efforts to overcome fears of public speaking.  In fact, she had an amazing presentation in Self-Esteem class where she impressed and inspired students and the instructor.
  • Ken M. has taken great initiative in managing his house by improving his housekeeping skills and reorganizing the space to create a warm and welcoming environment.
  • Lauren S. continues to open up to peers in class through her incredible creativity and artistic presentation skills.
  • Taylor G. continues to lead through his dedication to projects, his encouragement of students, and great ability to speak and present on many topics.
  • Gabo P. has increased his volunteer hours as he is awaiting necessary paperwork to secure a job offer.
  • CaraBeth K. is beginning to acclimate to LDI through increased social interaction and participation in class where she provides great insight from personal experiences to encourage growth in other students.
  • Matt A. continues to offer insightful and humorous truths across a variety of topics.  His witty ways with many subjects has only been outshined by his incredible personal growth in interactions with others and self-management.  

These are just a few of the many highlights that LDI students shine into their lives.  Building upon these successes enables increased confidence, self-esteem, and empowers them to take hold and live out their lives in extraordinary ways.  Way to go everyone!