This month we would like to spotlight one of our staff with a unique Resolution for 2017, and beyond. Mia Coudret has been with Life Development Institute (LDI) for almost 10 years, working in all areas of the program.  

She is currently teaching classes, training staff, and serving as the technology guru for LDI’s online programs & applications. Mia and her husband have decided to not forget about 2017.  Have you ever realized that you have forgotten about experiences you have had until someone reminds you or brings it up?  What if we could all remember something from every day of our lives and document it?  Mia is working on a Ted Talks-inspired idea called One Second Every Day.

She is recording a second (or two) from every day in 2017 to compile a 6-7 minute video that will be a summary of her entire year.  So far this year, she has captured a fireworks show, two birthdays, a plumbing disaster, and her daughter’s first day of school.  This project is not just about the good days, but also the bad. It’s a chronicle of life, much like a video diary. Mia and her husband have jokingly started competing to get the best footage of the most interesting days and tease about who will have the better video at the end of the year.  It is a great way to make sure to appreciate each and every day of their lives. If this idea interests you, Mia challenges you to take on this project in your life and to check out the inspiration for this idea by watching Cesar Kuriyama’s One Second Every Day Ted Talk.