Often times, families will discover Life Development Institute (LDI) and inquire about the various programs that are offered.

In hopes to shed clarity on this subject, LDI recognizes that it is necessary to specifically speak about each of its programs and their features.  The hope is that those who discover LDI will understand each program and its specific features.  As such, the first program we like to identify and discuss is LDI’s Residential Program.

In 1982, LDI program efforts began by working with a multitude of state and local agencies to provide services for clients with Learning Disabilities (LD) and related emotional and/or behavioral disorders.  In that year, an establishment grant (seed money funds) was awarded to LDI by the RSA/AZ Department of Economic Security Department to develop a model employment program for adults with LD.  Operating from the home of Rob Crawford, the small grant for a “survival skills” program became a reality through special strategies developed by Rob Crawford for job development and independent living skills.  The premise of the programmatic approach sought to treat those in the program as “whole” human beings, not human beings with “holes” in them.  The philosophy of the model LDI developed was to acknowledge that personal victories were as big a reward as winning any award from competitions.  LDI redefined the concept of winning to include that winning could be something like making your first true friend, earning a paycheck, or speaking up for yourself.

Over time, this concept, philosophy, and program developed into what is currently offered through LDI’s Residential Program.  This is the foundation of Life Development Institute.  One of the key features to note about LDI’s Residential Program is that it is available to persons 18 and older who have learning disabilities, Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), ADHD, and other social or learning issues.  The program offers students the opportunity to complete High School education as necessary towards earning their High School Diploma and also offers Post-Secondary educational opportunities, which include college credit courses.  Students who attend the residential program come from all over the United States as well as from other countries.  

LDI’s Residential Program is designed as a two-year program that offers three pathways towards placement into community-based higher education, technical and career preparation, occupational training programs, or competitive employment.  This program identifies goals for its students that focus on learning and achievement for all adults, not just those with hidden disabilities.  LDI is an ideal program for families and students who are seeking a supported and inclusionary learning environment designed to empower students to develop practical skills for adult daily living, employability, learning, and community involvement as well as personal and physical well-being.  The nurturing environment engages students in the “how to’s” of handing common problem-solving and decision-making demands for adult life success.

For more information on courses offered and the admissions process, please contact Life Development Institute by calling (623) 773-1545 or by email via info@discoverldi.com.