Life Development Institute (LDI) offers program options for U.S. students and families include a day high school program, 5 week summer academy, and day or apartment-based postsecondary programs.

Furthering the uniqueness of LDI, it is important to note that international students have the potential to enroll in LDI’s Residential Program as well as into the Emerging Leaders Summer Academy.  Life Development Institute exists as a fully-accredited, SEVIS approved, college preparatory high school and post-secondary program located in metropolitan Phoenix, Arizona.  LDI serves students 16 and older who have learning disabilities, Asperger’s Syndrome, Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), ADHD, and other social or learning issues.  

The mission of Life Development Institute is to provide non-traditional, college-capable students a practical and inclusive bridge to improve college/career readiness and success, build cultural competence, and develop personal leadership skills. LDI’s International Student Residential Program provides an environment and program that enables international students to complete requirements leading to graduation from the selected LDI course of study-either on or off campus. These options for M-1 Visa students include high school, college, technical institutes, vocational training, career development, work experience through service learning or short-term employment, independent living status, and financial self-sufficiency.

Life Development has full regional and international accreditation for high school diploma granting authority through AdvancEd CASI and approval as a private, day high school through Arizona Department of Education, Exceptional Student Services.  LDI also maintains strong relationships with area higher educational and post-secondary programs.  

The International Student Residential Program provides a pathway of success for the secondary and higher education/career development aspirations of HS/post-graduate students in improving readiness and academic success in college, identifying viable career ladders, building interpersonal and leadership skills, and developing adult independent daily living skills.

LDI has conducted programs since 1982 and has been recognized nationally and internationally for its exemplary literacy and career preparation programs for educational at-risk older high school and young adult students.  In 2016, LDI again received the highest recognition from National Association of Special Education Teachers (NASET), as one of 55 programs awarded the Schools of Excellence Award (  

At the same time, this history of being identified as a global influence for successful education can be seen in the following awards:

  • 1992: LDI was recipient of a Presidential Points of Light Award for its career literacy programs, presented by President and Mrs. Bush, which is the nations highest community engagement award
  • 2009: Qatar Foundation World Innovation Summit for Education acknowledged LDI on the short-list finalists for being a model Global Educational Practice
  • 2011: Arizona Employers Advisory Council identified LDI as the Outstanding Education Program

Life Development Institute embeds developmental content into its courses wherein assignments and competencies integrate practical college strategies, promote interpersonal communication skills, and enhance career development and social responsibility. All students engage in both academic and experimental learning in the “how to’s” of handling common problem-solving and decision-making demands for adult life success.  

The peer-reviewed model consistently demonstrates program effectiveness in validating LDI student achievement in higher education success with persistence, retention, grade average, and matriculation rates equal with similar college peers.

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