Life Development Institute (LDI) has continued to offer valued education to its students for almost 35 years.  This education exists through three programs, which are the Academy of Lifelong Learning Day High School, the Residential Post-Secondary Program, and the Emerging Leaders Summer Academy.  In each of these programs, students learn real life skills that empower them to be successful in both college and careers.  Further, these skills provide students with learning disabilities, Asperger’s syndrome, ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), and other social and learning differences the opportunity to learn how to live life successfully by demonstrating these skills while at LDI.  Upon completion, students graduate to pursue a variety of opportunities ranging from employment to continued education.  As such, LDI would like to congratulate Gabriel P. for completing his Post-Secondary Residential Program!

During his two-year program, Gabriel obtained his goals, which were to develop increased socialization skills, to learn and demonstrate banking skills, to master cooking, and to develop healthy friendships with peers.  Gabriel displayed these skills as he managed his money and paid his own utilities after his first year with LDI.  Furthermore, he was able to save several thousand dollars while budgeting for food and entertainment.   

Outside of his in-class coursework, Gabriel worked with Peoria Chamber of Commerce providing service through his Art Graphic Design abilities.  Additionally, he volunteered at the West Valley Children’s Crisis Center.  Through his volunteering, Gabriel was promoted and became employed with the West Valley Children’s Crisis Center.  His duties included Art Graphic Design and translation.  Finally, Gabriel’s largest success may have been through his new ownership of a dog during his final months with LDI.  During this time, Gabriel became the owner of his dog Angus and cared for him.  Additionally, he worked with Angus to complete 4 stages of dog training including the AKC “Good Citizen’s Award,” which enables Angus to travel on a plane and not in cargo.

Through his time at LDI, Gabriel has become a “staple student.”  He has welcome new students and brought them into the school family while developing deep and meaningful relationships with staff and community members.  He is a beacon of hope and a treasured leader wherever he goes.  As he returns to Panama, LDI wishes him nothing but the best success and a life filled with joy and many great memories.  We are proud to have him as part of LDI and have developed fond memories that will remain in the hearts of staff and students in his absence.  

Gabo, May the best of your past be the worst of your future!  

Best wishes and Congratulations!

From your family at Life Development Institute