This past week was busy at LDI.  Students and staff supported our community by cleaning Sahuaro Ranch Park.  In addition, students attended the Arizona State Fair this past Sunday while LDI staff represented Life Development Institute at the Annual Phoenix Walk for Autism Sunday morning.  During The Walk, Justin Coller, had an opportunity to reconnect with Treven, a student who graduated from the Emerging Leaders Summer Academy in 2014. Since his completion, Treven has attained full-time employment with WinCo Foods and is happy to be in relationship with his girlfriend for almost a year now.  Students also had a Bingo party and toured Maricopa County’s Workforce Connection Resource Center.  During the tour, they were educated on the resources available for them and mentored on how to use the center through appointments and orientations.  Further, Maricopa County Workforce Connection staff provided job fair options to students that were not previously discovered.  Finally, the judge from our visit to Glendale Court has been invited to speak in both our Conflict Resolution course and during our Speaker Series.  We will keep you up to date as this develops.

Beyond the activities for the week, we would like to congratulate the following students for their successes:

  • Chelsea was hired for Pro-Em and has her orientation this Friday
  • Chris has been informed that he can move from volunteering to working with Adobe Country Gables once he obtains required certifications
  • Derek obtained an award for contributing the most amount of hours on Career Ready
  • Gabo took it upon himself to volunteer at West Valley Child Crisis Center during their Halloween Party for foster children
  • Garvey obtained an award for passing the most levels since the beginning of the trimester for Career Ready
  • Jordan established a connection with Sports Clips where he may volunteer and learn if he would like to work towards Barber School
  • Stephanie and Derek were both offered job positions this week

Pictures included below display students working in Sahuaro Ranch Park, students attending the fair, LDI’s presence at the Autism Walk, and Gabo’s volunteering with West Valley Child Crisis Center.