Decisions, Decisions, Decisions constantly remind persons of the daily reality of choice and the impending impact these choices have on the present and the future.

ant grasshopper 1In fact, the past is but a reminder of the decisions made and the resulting effects, which can be momentary or long-lasting.  Having such significance led Aesop to describe the importance and necessity for good decision-making in his fable “The Ant and the Grasshopper.”  From this story, one then recognizes how LDI’s students have taken the first step to life-long success by choosing to develop and learn with LDI rather than squander an opportunity through inaction.

In his tale, Aesop describes how the ant worked all summer to store up food for the winter.  During this same time, however, the grasshopper simply sang and danced his time away.  The grasshopper did not prepare for the harsh reality that winter brings.  Upon discovering that death was surely coming, the grasshopper begged the ant for food.  However, the ant rebuked the grasshopper and told him to sing and dance the winter away.  Of course, everyone realizes that singing and dancing does not offer the requirements of sustenance and that death surely comes when there is no food.

Reflecting upon this fable causes one to deal with a harsh reality, which is that deciding to work hard and prepare ant grasshopper 2for tomorrow offers hope of a long and successful future whereas choosing to take part in the folly of the foolish eventually results in self-destruction.  Life Development Institute (LDI) has the great privilege of working with persons who have Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), ADHD, and other Learning Disabilities.  These individuals have recognized the need in their life to prepare for the future and develop adult daily living skills, which allows for successful transition into employment and independent living.  

LDI students have all been offered a choice in their own lives.  They can choose to sing and dance their lives away while blindly assuming that someone else will provide for the needs that they have, or they can choose to take hold of their own lives and prepare to provide for themselves, which is the option that they have so bravely and wisely chosen.  In fact, everyone lives in the reality where life is coming with or without preparation.  Although many may choose the folly of the grasshopper through self-indulgence, some have chosen the wisdom of the ant and are readying themselves for the future.  As such, each one is similarly encouraged to follow the way of the ant.  

Following the ant’s wisdom can clearly occur in the daily lives of all persons and as necessary through the investment in the opportunities that LDI offers, which include its day high school program, summer academy, and residential program.  Choosing to invest in these opportunities is a big decision filled with potentially life-changing results that can truly be the difference between life-long success in independent living or the inability to provide for one’s self.  

If you are interesting in discovering more on these opportunities, do not hesitate to contact LDI for more information.  Today is the day as tomorrow is truly the evidence future’s reality.

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