Life Development Institute has been given the wonderful opportunity to work with many exceptional students and person who have Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), ADHD, and other Learning Disabilities.  In our journey with them, we have been invited to join their life experience as leaders, advisors, coaches, instructors, and witnesses to the success they continue to obtain.  During great achievements, LDI champions these moments as they display the realization of potential for empowered persons.

As such, LDI would like to shine our spotlight on Jordan H. who has accepted an internship with the Rising Youth Theatre as an Assistant Teacher Apprentice and will be working on this year’s 3rd annual light rail play.  Jordan will begin assisting with classes starting January 20thLight Rail Plays 3.0 will run from February 19th through February 21st.  The Rising Youth Theatre returns to the Valley Metro Light Rail for the third year in a row with all new theatre pieces!   Eight short plays will be performed on the trains as well as at the stations from Roosevelt/Central Ave to Central Ave/Camelback.  The productions will feature live music, movement, storytelling, puppets, masks, and much more.

The Rising Youth Theatre’s mission is to create youth driven theatre that is riveting and relevant, challenging audiences to hear new stories, start conversations, and participate in their communities.  Furthermore, their core values rest in their beliefs in the radical potential of youth, in creating art that is embedded in and reflective of our community, in enabling  everyone who wants to see or participate in theatre to have access to it, in what is possible when people from different ethnicities, genders, ages, social circumstances and cultural contexts come together, and in the truth that youth deserve to see themselves, their values and their experiences reflected onstage in making great art.

With much admiration, praise, and honor, congratulations to Jordan H.!  This is a tremendous success that offers continued opportunity for even more courageous self-expression!  Way to go!