Life Development Institute (LDI) is honored to work with exceptional young adults who are seeking empowerment and the development of skills necessary for adult daily living.

The journey for LDI students occurs in both the high school and post-secondary programs as well as through LDI’s Emerging Leaders Summer Academy.  Through these academic offerings, LDI engages students who have Learning Disabilities, Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), ADHD, Asperger’s syndrome, and other social and learning differences.  As a result of this engagement, LDI staff, students, and the community at large witness tremendous success stories as students strive to reach their fullest potentials.

Therefore, Life Development Institute would like to take a moment to highlight the success of one its students, Eric S.  Eric has a tremendous life story and brings to the forefront the reality that one can truly overcome the harsh realities of life and succeed where previous doubt existed.  From his story, others see the opportunity that can be had when one embraces his current position in life and realizes he can strive to reach fulfillment and success through active participation in lifelong learning.

Eric joined LDI 2 years ago to obtain his high school diploma.  At the same time, Eric became a part of LDI’s residential student population and has developed independent living skills.  Combining academic success with valuable life skills has offered Eric the opportunity to reach his potential and engage his community as an important member.  In his time at LDI, Eric volunteered at Banner Hospital as a transporter for a year.  Additionally, he learned to successfully save $1,000 while budgeting to pay for his expenses, which includes his medical needs, clothing, transportation, and hobbies.  Building on these achievements, Eric is presently employed at Deseret Industries in the warehouse where he is receiving on the job training that will enable him to reach his goal of working in the automotive industry.  

Life Development Institute proudly congratulates Eric on his current successes and continues to enjoy working with Eric as he completes his high school diploma requirements.  His story, commitment, and accomplishments inspire others to reach for their goals.

If you would like more information on LDI’s day high school program, post-secondary program, or Emerging Leaders Summer Academy, please visit, or call (623) 773-1545.