As mentioned in a previous blog, Life Development Institute (LDI) is offered the wonderful opportunity to work with exceptional young adults who have many functional skills and abilities as well as limitations.  Our journey with them allows us to grow together through their life development and champion their many successes.  Often times, highlighting individual student successes reminds each of us of the potential that we have and the ability to use the skills we possess to reach the fullness of who we can become.

Therefore, LDI would like to “shine the spotlight” on Chelsea P. who began her education at LDI in the fall of 2012.  Upon her arrival, Chelsea was wonderfully sweet and shy but needed encouragement and her confidence boosted in order to realize her dreams.  Through her time at LDI, Chelsea has been able to find outlets for her talents with animals, as she worked at Arms Full of Love for two years.  Additionally, she has learned to be a leader among her friends.  After completing her two-year program with LDI, she decided to take advantage of our Extended Services.

Chelsea has accomplished many goals while at LDI.  For example, she obtained her driver’s permit in the summer of 2015.  From here, Chelsea interviewed with a number of organizations, which include the Hyatt Regency, Target, Einstein Bros Bagels, and Macy’s.  Ultimately, Chelsea just recently accepted a position at FedEx where she will be a Package Handler and will soon reap the benefits of a wonderful benefits  package, which includes health care, dental coverage, retirement, and tuition reimbursement if she so chooses!  Way to go!!

However, this has not stopped her continuing progress.   She plans to complete her driving test in order to obtain her driver’s license.  This will enable her to secure a vehicle and drive herself to and from her new job.  In the meantime, it will be Uber all the way!!!

Life Development Institute has been delighted to have Chelsea as part of our family.  Her time with us has been and continues to be wonderful and inspiring.  She was even able to use her strengths in giving back to the LDI community when she attended LDI’s Emerging Leaders Summer Academy encouraging the summer students to see how participation and patience is a much desired virtue!  Watching Chelsea shine is a perfect reminder of the beauty of people and the certainty that a spotlight is not needed to display such brilliance.