Life in action resonates at Life Development Institute (LDI). Recognizing the truth that “no human is an island” requires the active involvement of all community members.  

Often times, isolation and “staying at home” keeps people from interacting with others, learning from others, and growing as an individual.  Therefore, LDI provides a multitude of social-recreational activities for students each week.  In fact, 4 activities exist throughout the week that offers LDI students the opportunity to interact with each other and with those in the surrounding community.  These experiences can include community events, food, museums, volunteering and other new adventures for students, which empowers them to overcome moments of anxiety and fear and then find enjoyment in their development.  

As such, LDI students went to Westworld Paintball this past Saturday to discover the “world of paintball.”  Westworld Paintball offers a 33,000 square foot facility that includes 500 tons of dirt, bunkers, obstacles, and more.  Professional referees and staff along with specialized lighting provide a safe and thrilling experience for attendees.  Additionally, a firing range offers persons the opportunity to practice prior to being enmeshed in a game.  For a number of LDI students, this was a first-time experience.  

After having fun at Westworld Paintball, students enjoyed food and community at In-and-Out Burger.  For those of you who do not know, In-N-Out Burger opened in 1948 and now has 300+ restaurants.  They pride themselves on the quality of their food as they do not freeze, pre-package, or over-process their food.  Rather they “make things the old-fashioned way.”  They use 100% pure beef free from additives, fillers, and preservatives along with fresh ingredients and potatoes “shipped right from the farm.” The food and the environment provided a great opportunity for students to reflect upon their paintball experience, talk about what they learned and how it made them feel, and celebrate the joy of life together.