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 About LDI FAQ


Is LDI a boarding school?
No, the program has a residential component that is based in a large, community apartment complex where students live throughout the facilities.
What makes LDI unique?
The program focuses on enhancing each student’s ability to make smart adult choices for career planning, employment options, academic success, improving social functioning, and emotional coping skills.
How can my son/daughter benefit from LDI?
Personal growth and development occur in direct proportion to the student’s commitment to their life. Every student attending LDI has opportunities daily to develop their adult abilities and appropriate levels of staff guidance along the way.
Is LDI an accredited school?
LDI’s academic programs are fully accredited through the North Central Association Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement (NCACASI).
Which groups of disabilities are served by LDI?
The program admits students who have LD,ADHD, high functioning autism/Asperger’s syndrome, and other related disorders.
What is the age range of students who attend LDI?

LDI serves Day High School students grades 9-12. Post secondary programs and Summer Academy ages 16-24. Adult residential students are 18-30 years old.

How long does a student typically attend LDI?
The core program is two years and many students opt to stay beyond while attending college, technical training, or establishing job stability.

Admissions FAQ


When should I apply, is there a deadline?
Individuals may apply at any time, but admissions deadlines for all programs require that all requested background information, diagnostic testing and records, an interview and tour of our campus and contractual obligations be completed at least 30 days prior to the program start date.
Does the tuition have to be paid all at once?
Program tuition is due in three installments. The first one is due upon receipt of contract. The second one is due in 30 days and the last one is due 30 days after that.
Do I need to schedule a time in advance to visit LDI?
Yes, the interview/visit must be scheduled in advance.
Will my son/daughter be tested during the interview?
No, we do not conduct testing on potential students during the interview. However, if you do not have access to current testing or professional reports, admission to the program may be delayed until testing has been completed.
Do you accept students who have been diagnosed with a personality or behavior disorder along with their learning disability?
We evaluate each potential student on an individualized basis. We do not accept students who have a history of violence and the potential applicant must be free from significant psychiatric/behavioral problems that require in-patient therapeutic type services.
What documentation is required for LDI Admission?
In order to be considered for admission into LDI we must receive the most recent psycho-educational battery (within last 3 years), that contains both an IQ and an achievement test. Most commonly these tests would be the Woodcock-Johnson or WAIS-III Transcripts.


Academic FAQ


If I want to know how my son/daughter is doing in their classes at LDI how do I contact their instructors?

You would contact their student advisor who would have all of this information. Furthermore, you could arrange a conference call if needed with the instructor and advisor.

Do the students earn college credits for the courses at LDI?

No. College bound students take additional courses outside of the LDI core based on individual goals and schedule availability.

Is my son/daughter permitted to take additional classes at a college or vocational school?

Yes. We encourage new first trimester students to limit outside college courses to one core/elective class to allow for adjustments to their new environment. As each student progresses at their own rate, more credit hours can be added to their core LDI schedule and balanced with other community-based activities such as service learning, personal training at a fitness center, outside appointments, etc.

Are there any restrictions in regards to my son/daughter taking additional classes at a college or vocational school?

Depending on their previous educational attainment and overall preparedness to move into this environment dictates where they would begin this process and how many hours they would take.

Is tutoring available?

Tutoring is available both at LDI and if the students documented disability qualifies them for accommodations under the ADA, at the college. Tutorial support is available for all college students for certain courses, but does not automatically entitle the additional accommodations specific to a disabling condition without current documentation.

Does LDI monitor and track a student’s academic progress?

Yes, through an advisor monthly inquiries and college faculty responding to our request for information.

Advisement FAQ


Who is the primary point of contact for all student needs?

The student’s advisor is the primary point of contact.

What is the frequency of advisement meetings?

Usual once a week for an hour, or more often as needed.

What is the appropriate role of parents/families involvement the student’s progress?

At LDI we use a team approach under the guidance of the advisors, with the parents taking on a supportive role to the staff regarding their adult child’s progress in the program.

What is the most effective way to communicate with advisors?

The most effective way to communicate with the advisors is via e-mail and telephone, with e-mail being the preferred and fastest to get a response method.

How are students evaluated?

Advisor and student draft a Plan of Action in the beginning of each year which identifies specific goals – based on the reports received, student identified issues, and the expectations of the team – as well as process of attainment. The plan further entails measurable outcomes which serve to evaluate student progress at the end of each year.

Are regular progress reports provided to the parents?

Not in the manner of formal reports or “grades”; however, parents are kept informed of their adult child’s progress via email and conference calls (at the end of each semester).

What will LDI do if my son/daughter has a personal crisis?

In crisis situations, the advisor will assist the student in working through the issue. In the rare case that the advisor is unavailable, the student’s back-up advisor will be notified.

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