Life Development Institute

LDI Mission

The Mission of the LDI is to Develop, Mentor, and Empower Individuals to Cultivate a Life Worth Living

The compelling drive to find one’s own way in the world is no less strong in those with learning and neurodiversity issues than in any other young adult. Few other “journeys” are more important, or more difficult than those of seeking successful adulthood. For many, the need to prove themselves remains strong throughout life. Life Development Institute is a beacon of hope for older adolescents and adults who struggle with learning disabilities, attention deficit disorders, Autism spectrum disorders and other related conditions.

Together with a competent and dedicated staff of caring professionals, the program strives to achieve its Mission. The Life Development Institute staff and its administrators are devoted to actively work with and support parents who are eager for a place where their adult-child can thrive and succeed. Families look to LDI for hope and support, as seemingly there are few other viable resources for their children. LDI strives to ease the difficult transition for the parent from being their adult child’s advocate to being a parent who can empower their offspring to become more independent.

We’re is here to make a difference!