LDI is Honored and Excited to be Celebrating Our 35 Years As a Program!

We are working with some LDI alumni groups to organize an October 2017 reunion gathering of kindred spirits from among the many we have had the great fortune to be part of each other’s lives.

A lot of our earlier graduates now have grown children and grandchildren, and it will be great to catch up. We thank IECA and professional educational consultants for the many referrals to LDI helping them to find an appropriate program they were ready for, and to which significantly contributes to our ability to share their stories of life and success. We are connected to each other through shared and changed lives.

We were founded in 1982 , dedicated to providing transformative real-world experiences and opportunities for committed teens and adults with learning disabilities, ADHD, spectrum and mood disorders, who choose to enroll in its services and programs.

The overall purpose of LDIs competency-based instruction and  student-centered guidance, is to advise students on how to approach and successfully navigate important areas of life and living that all young adults are expected to know about, and help them with the developing the practice of skillful doing and achieving a level of self-reliance.

Our programs are AdvancED fully accredited, SEVIS and state-approved for grades 9-13 (postgrad), with an internationally recognized, standard diploma earned by its high school graduates. The system of its curriculum and assessment combines both core cognitive and softskills across school, work and life settings.

To that end, we have developed a comprehensive system of instruction and competency-based assessment with authentic, measurable outcomes. Over the years, our students have consistently shown functional achievement, employment retention and postsecondary matriculation rate outcomes that are at or above their non-disabled peers.