DISCOVER living on your own

What it means to “take care of yourself”

Students learn to prioritize personal wants and needs across a variety of adult life decisions, such as what it takes to live on their own, manage the daily tasks of independent living, and become responsible to support themselves financially.

Apartment Living

  • Maintaining interior/exterior of the space
  • Using basic appliances and tools
  • Practicing personal safety
  • Establishing a living space


  • Staying within a budget
  • Cleaning meal preparation areas and safely storing food
  • Planning and preparing meals
  • Table manners and social graces

Knowing About and Using Community Resources

  • Choosing and planning activities
  • Accessing and applying for services with various agencies

Getting Around the Community

  • Obeying traffic rules and practicing personal safety
  • Using a variety of transportation options
  • Finding a way around a local community
  • Driving a car

Managing Personal Finances

  • Counting money and making change
  • Making responsible expenditures
  • Keeping financial records
  • Using credit responsibly
  • Using bank services