DISCOVER what matters most to you in a job/career

The LDI core curriculum is designed to help students succeed in modern day society. Our challenging courses and strength-based approach encourage students to realize their full potential, by emphasizing practical education, emerging leadership, career, and life skills for adult daily living

Continue Lifelong Learning Skills

  • Reading with understanding
  • Using applied mathematics in everyday life
  • Speaking so that others can understand
  • Conveying information and ideas in writing
  • Listening actively
  • Observing critically
  • Utilizing academic survival skills
  • Using information and communication technologies
  • Researching and acquiring higher education

Seeking a Job

  • Identifying and preparing for potential employment
  • Using effective oral, written, and listening communication skills to gain employment
  • Meeting employer expectations/definitions of quality work
  • Accessing and completing online/traditional applications

Keeping a Job

  • Maintaining job-keeping skills and behavior
  • Communicating with others and following procedures in the workplace
  • Working with others
  • Recognizing authority and following supervisor instructions

Growing a Future

  • Working within organizational norms
  • Balancing individual roles and needs with those of the organization

Writing, Evaluating, and Revising a Career Plan

  • Analyzing and evaluating why people need to work
  • Using assessment information to develop career goals
  • Developing appropriate education/training plan for completion