An Accredited High School Diploma Program Uniquely Created For Students With Social Or Learning Differences!

Internationally recognized and fully accredited, our strength-based, innovative classroom and community-based methodologies provides students opportunities to improve academic achievement, independent-living skills, age-appropriate social skills, gain work experience, start college and develop leadership capabilities.

The Mission of the Life Development Institute is to Develop, Mentor,
and Empower Individuals to Cultivate a Life Worth Living

DISCOVER living on your own

what it means to “take care of yourself”

LDI students learn to prioritize personal wants and needs across a variety of adult life decisions, such as what it takes to live on their own, manage the daily tasks of independent living, and become responsible to support themselves financially.

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“What brought me here to LDI is that I want to be more independent and not always rely on others. One success as I am attending LDI is that they taught me how to cook and be more independent.” Chelsea, Student

DISCOVER what matters most to you in a job or career

How to find and keep a job

The LDI core curriculum is designed to help students succeed in modern day society. Our challenging courses and strength-based approach encourage students to realize their full potential, by emphasizing practical education, emerging leadership, career, and life skills for adult daily living.

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“Over the last 2 years, I have learned to be selfish about my education and how to stand up for myself.” -LDI Program Graduate

DISCOVER healthy relationships

Becoming comfortable being YOU

LDI students develop self-awareness of how their behavior can affect the positive development of peer relationships. As part of a connected social community, each student has staff and peer support to recognized engage in commonly accepted and practiced adult social graces. Consistent practice, weekly social-recreational activities and an accepting environment reduce social avoidance or non-engagement behaviors, as students effectively handle the perceived risks of “social failure”.

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“Prior to her enrollment into LDI, our shy daughter struggled socially with peers, because she rarely initiated conversations or knew how to maintain them. Everyone notices and comments how she initiates and carries conversations now. All three of us attribute that to her new-found confidence, hope, and skill.” -LDI Parent

DISCOVER making smart lifestyle choices

How to find and keep a job

LDI students acquire the necessary skills to make positive lifestyle choices affecting health and quality of life. They become able to prevent and seek treatment for common illnesses, as well as maintain a healthier lifestyle through personal wellness, nutrition and exercise. Focused coursework, practice and scheduled activities enable students to develop proficiency in determining and using effective coping strategies for responding to stress, peer pressure, bullying and harassment.

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DISCOVER how to be a


LDI prides itself in fostering opportunities for students to think for themselves, teaching them to be their own leaders and be part of a team. These opportunities help them to grow into strong independent adults who develop the desire to be a change agent, aiming high to go beyond serving themselves and to become a contributor to developing a strong community no matter where they go.

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High School Diploma Program

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