Baseball is here, and summer is essentially right around the corner.  In Arizona, we have already seen spurts of the summer heat and have ushered in the summer trimester at Life Development Institute, which means LDI’s Emerging Leaders Summer Academy is also right around the corner.  This means time is running out for you “to beat the heat” and enroll your student into LDI’s Summer Academy!

Montezuma National Monument 2As many know, baseball is a long season that is preceded by a short offseason and brief spring training.  At LDI, the luxury of breaks in business, similar to the offseason and spring training, to enable preparation for the next season rarely exists.  Recently, however, this opportunity offered itself to LDI during the development and launching of a new website.  In this time, LDI also relocated to a new building, which is renovated to better meet the needs of the students.  This period of transition, much like a pitch in baseball, came filled with momentum and curves.  In fact, this period is much like the month of May, wherein most persons are closing down the school year and anticipating the summer.

As LDI moved forward with a new webmaster and new landlord, much anticipation also existed.  Questions regarding what will happen, how much work will it take, and what will the end result be began to surface.  Again, this is also similar to everyone’s questions concerning the summer, that is what will happen, how much work will it take, and what will be the end result.  

In that moment, LDI took a swing at the pitch instead of standing there and watching it fly by.  The risk and reward came into sight, which lead to the courage to step in and drive the pitch into a long fly ball.  In that moment, the anticipation heightened, as clearly the drive could have been snagged and the hope diminished in failure.  It is a risk with a reward.  

nauSo again it is with life.  In determining the plans for the summer, people either let it fly by without making a move or they swing and see what happens.  Sometimes, failure and disappointment occurs.  Other times, joy and success is found.  For LDI, the pitch came, the swing was made, a long fly ball was hit, and a homerun followed.  A brand new website filled with better navigation tools and easier access to information was offered to the community.  A brand new building with state of the art equipment and restoration to newness offered students the glimpse of positive change leading to long-term success.  

In such ways, everyone’s decision for the next few months offers similar hope, expectation, anticipation, and eventually the results of what has become from that faithful swing.  As mentioned earlier, time is running out.  It is running out for summer is nearby and the choice will remove itself from being an option as the pitch will pass by.  If you are considering LDI’s Emerging Leaders Summer Academy for your student, then it is time to swing as further opportunity may not exist this year.

LDI’s Emerging Leaders Summer Academy provides excellent opportunities to develop and skillfully use life success strategies for teens and young adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD, and other learning disabilities.  The Summer Academy takes place from June 13 – July 15 on Northern Arizona University campus in Flagstaff, AZ.  

The 5 week summer initiative allows for discovery and articulation of personal, group, and societal values through community engagement. It opens the front door to a new world of possibilities and potential for contribution as a citizen that can’t be accomplished in a static, traditional or online classroom setting.

To take a swing and find that home run power, contact Life Development Institute at (623) 773-1545 or via email at