This past Monday, LDI students visited Circle 6 Studios, which is the main supplier of ceramic glass distribution to Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, and Nevada.  During their visit, students learned about Circle 6 Studios and were then offered the opportunity to learn how to “blow glass” and then to create individual glass blown ornaments.  During the two hour class, each student received guided demonstration for the step by step process.  Then, students were given a hollow iron pole, which was preheated.  Next, they opened the oven to discover a bowl filled with glass that was heated to 1,050 degrees until it obtained liquid form.  From here, they used the pole to scoop up the liquid and then pressed it into a bowl with pieces of chosen crushed colored glass.  These broken colored shards of glass adhered to the heated clear glass located on the pole.  Afterwards, the students placed the pole into a separate oven to heat up the mixture.  This enables pliability so that the students could form the mixture into a compressed ball by blowing into the cool end of the pole, which creates a hollow bubble of air.  This hollow bubble of air was formed into a sphere, which took the shape of an ornament.  Once formed, the ornament was placed in an 800 degree oven.  The oven slowly crept down to room temperature to maintain the form and prevent the ornament from shattering, which would occur if the temperature was decreased too rapidly.

This was a fantastic activity that included the perfect unison of interest, education, and fun.  The result is that each student now has their very own ornament that they created. Further, the attention to detail and sequential methodology afforded everyone the opportunity to practice and succeed with vital skills needed in everyday life.

In conjunction with this excitement and success, LDI also wants to congratulate James, Dexter, and Baxter who took their Reading for Information Test, which is part of the Career Readiness Certificates curriculum.  James, Dexter, and Baxter scored Gold and Platinum levels.  They will continue, along with Hana, towards earning their certificates by taking the Math and Locating Information tests in January.

Way to Go!