Enhancing Job Readiness and Employability


There is little research to explain why some individuals with Autism (ASD) and Learning Disabilities succeed in the workplace and others do not. Workplace settings present a wide variety of diverse occupational challenges for all employees. Because the impact of these conditions on the individual varies from setting to setting, it is difficult to determine what aspects of a person’s job performance or lack of performance are directly attributable to the disorder.

Many young adults struggling to cope and survive in the workplace tend to face similar obstacles such as lack of social skills and understanding of the demands of the workplace. They can be very unaware of personal limitations which may or may not be related to a disability but when confronted by failure or job performance correction cause them to retreat when they are unsuccessful or employ circular logic and rationalizing away of personal responsibility when faced with failures or setbacks.

This presentation will explore some common themes and practical strategies related to competing for jobs, starting new careers, entering new jobs or companies, and how/when to disclose a disability to the employer.

Featured Speaker: Mr. Robert Crawford, M. Ed.
CEO Life Development Institute

Rob is the co-founder of the Life Development Institute starting it out of his home in 1982 as a day program for adults with LD needing job training and independent living skills.

He has been the driving force behind numerous private and public collaborations that have helped thousands of individuals referred from families, vocational rehabilitation, foster care system, adult basic education, professionals and consultants to participate and succeed at LDI and make the first steps into the larger community on their own.

A tireless advocate for adults with LD, Rob has served as a volunteer and consultant with many organizations in numerous capacities such as the Learning Disabilities Association of America, National Institute for Literacy, Rehabilitation Services Administration, Administration for Children, Youth, and Families, and the U.S. Department of Education to name a few.

He has authored numerous books and articles on topics such as career planning, employment issues, and adult advocacy as well as speaking at many conferences and workshops on these areas.

Who should attend?
If you are a young adult with disabilities or parent, or involved in the management, counseling and human resources fields, don’t miss your chance to attend this free workshop sponsored by Life Development Institute!

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