Project Description

ldi academics

Our academic program builds work skills and includes career planning and guidance for future employability.

We teach our students core life values and show them, by example, how to live by these values. We help each student set attainable goals and work with them to develop confidence and leadership skills as they achieve these goals.

The LDI core curriculum is designed to help students succeed in modern day society. Our challenging courses teach practical educational, career and life skills for adult daily living. Utilizing a strength-based approach, the courses encourage students to discover their full potential.

Within a calendar year, students will take four classes each trimester in addition to a self-paced career readiness program offered by ACT. Students may substitute LDI classes in lieu of college or vocational courses held off-site. This is determined on a case-by-case basis.

Earn College Credit at LDI

In partnership with Phoenix College, LDI offers several courses that provide students with an opportunity to earn 16 – 18 college credits concurrently.

National Career Readiness Certificate

To address the essential soft-skills that employers believe are critical to job success LDI offers a nationally recognized certificate of career readiness in partnership with ACT. The three core areas of the certification: locating information, applied mathematics and reading have profiled virtually every occupation. As such, no matter the career path, students who receive the certificate demonstrate that they possess key foundational skills that are needed for almost every job. In an increasingly competitive job market, this provides our students with another advantage that complements any previous work experience, skills, certificates or diplomas on the resume.

Diversity Certification

LDI makes a point of promoting the involvement of our student’s participation in outside workshops and events held by local and national civic groups.  Attendance at these events and four LDI courses are part of our unique Diversity Certification Program.  Other workshops and events deal with emerging employment trends, community-related issues such as pollution, contamination of the water supply, educational opportunities/barriers and topics the students find of interest.  LDI prides itself in fostering opportunities for students to think for themselves, teaching them to be their own leaders and be part of a team.  These opportunities help them to grow into strong independent adults who develop the desire to be a change agent, aiming high to go beyond serving themselves and to become a contributor to developing a strong community no matter where they go.