At Life Development Institute (LDI), interaction with students and families are often filled with many successes both during the students’ time with LDI and after their graduation.  Each summer, LDI offers a 5-week Emerging Leaders Summer Academy (EL) to students with Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD, and other Learning Disabilities.  This summer program, housed at Northern Arizona University, allows for discovery and articulation of personal, group, and societal values through community engagement. It opens the front door to a new world of possibilities and the potential for contribution as a citizen, which cannot be accomplished in a static, traditional or online classroom setting.  Further, LDI’s summer academy challenges the societal limitations placed on people who learn or behave differently as being less capable, not of leadership timber, and unable to make significant contributions to society.  In fact, active engagement enables students to believe they can do better than they thought, which results in a journey to become what Peter Drucker calls a “universally education person.”

During last year’s Emerging Leaders initiative, we were offered the opportunity to meet and work with Ryan E.  Ryan began his time with LDI displaying his natural leadership abilities.  At the same time, his experience with LDI encouraged his continued development and has left a huge impression on his life.  In speaking with Ryan and his family recently, LDI discovered that EL gave him confidence and encouragement in his ability.  The leadership element offered during this summer academy has helped him be successful.  He felt respected, welcomed, embraced, and part of a positive environment.  He talks highly on LDI all the time and identifies the positive impact that this experience has had upon his life.  After attending the summer program, Ryan went on to enroll at Beacon College in Florida where continues to find academic success to this day.

LDI is honored to continue to work with exceptional persons who continue to embrace their strengths and build upon their accomplishments.  Empowering such courageous self-expression impacts the lives of all who interact with LDI, their students, their families, and their community.

Great job Ryan on your continued success!

Best wishes as you continue expressing greatness in your life!