For me, finding meaning in life through my work has been dedicated to updating public perceptions and attitudes towards the capabilities of PwD.

A focus of these efforts (made possible by many helping hands) is to celebrate the transformative power of achieving the American right to decent work and fair treatment by bringing public attention to the lifespan issues of adults with disabilities associated with work, health care, housing, and community connectedness.

I have tremendous faith and belief that doing so moves us forward as a more just community transcending the fears, stigmas and exclusion of relatives, neighbors, and people who have a disability into creating an inclusive society with them as citizens of equal standing.

We do it because it makes sense, not just because of a personal identification with being a person with a disability, but to do that which calls to us as a purpose that matters.

Therefore, when professional peers from the business/employment community acknowledge these efforts through an award, the act both surprises, pleases, and sobers one.

We are glad to share this award with our friends and colleagues through this blog, knowing that there is much more that can and will be done to improve the quality of life through work and community inclusion for adults with disabilities in Arizona and the rest of the country.

The Citation reads:

The Arizona Employer’s Advisory Council (AZEAC) Board of Directors is proud to honor Rob & Veronica Crawford in recognition of their immeasurable contributions & efforts on behalf of young men & women who have cognitive, emotional or neurological conditions in providing them with an abilities-based program that offers opportunities to challenge themselves, to learn, take healthy risks, & grow emotionally, functionally & professionally.

In addition, you have been instrumental in providing the business community a link to an untapped generation/workforce that has now experienced global expansion.

You have set an educational gold standard model for others to emulate. Your dedication & commitment exemplify the core, embodiment, true meaning & spirit of the goals & objectives of LDI. You truly have made a difference!