What is Twice Exceptionality and who are Twice Exceptional or 2E individuals?

Like other gifted learners, 2e students are highly knowledgeable and talented in at least one particular domain. However, their giftedness is often overshadowed by their disabilities, or these students may be able to mask or hide their learning deficits by using their talents to compensate. Sometimes [...]

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Adults With ASD

Here's a video link from our latest Speaker Series: Discoverldi.com/speaker-series-videos/ Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder with B. Blair Braden, PhD Assistant Professor Speech and Hearing Science, ASU Autism and Brain Aging Laboratory Director

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What Do You Know About AZ ABLE Accounts?

Achieving Financial Freedom & Economic Viability for Persons with Disability As of March 2018, Arizonians with disabilities can now use the Achieving Better Life Experiences Act (ABLE) legislation to open tax-free investment accounts as a new pathway towards their independence and self-sufficiency. To tell us all about [...]

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Cutting Edge Therapy for Kids and Adults with Asperger

Life Development Institute (LDI) offers high school, summer leadership, and postsecondary education and transition-to-adulthood programming for adolescents and young adults who have learning disabilities (LD), non-verbal learning disabilities (NLD), Asperger’s syndrome, ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), and other social or learning differences. As part of the mission [...]

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Learning Disability vs. Learning Difference: How to Avoid Conflict in the Workplace and Postsecondary Settings

Rob Crawford Introduction Many recent research efforts on Learning Disabilities (LD) have focused on reading instruction or over-identification of students in special education placements. Much of what is written seems to favor legislative proposals to challenge the definition of the condition. Recognized and respected leaders in [...]

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