Speaker Series in Review: Pragmatics: The Art of Conversing

Life Development Institute (LDI) provides education for students who have learning disabilities, Asperger’s Syndrome, ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, and other learning and social differences through each of its 3 programs, which include the Emerging Leaders Summer Academy, the Academy of Lifelong Learning day high school program, and [...]

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Coller to contribute at ILO’s Youth Employment Forum global gathering promoting decent work for young adults

Justin Coller, Manager of Marketing for Life Development Institute & Global Network for Entrepreneurs with Disabilities is an invited partner joining just 100 young men and women who are 18-29 years old from around the world that are professionally involved in the promotion of decent work for youth. Participants will share their experiences and views on the current employment situation and discuss practical examples of successful initiatives which have led to the promotion of decent work for youth. Simplified, decent work would include a position that is permanent, full time, pays a living wage, and has benefits. Click below to read more about Justin Coller's contributions to this important worldwide effort.

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WISE 2010: Innovative global education models and learners with disabilities

This post reviews parts of the second World Innovation Summit for Education held in Doha, Qatar on December 7-9, 2010 and implications for learners with disabilities. Nearly 1300 dignitaries, thought leaders, disruptive ICT practitioners, program planners and policy makers were provided with a more focused program with deeper debates, better internet access, WISE web TV and WISE Twitter feeds to push out up live updates. Find out more here!

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Global Opportunities for Entrepreneurs with Disabilities

I am pleased to share the news with you of our invitation to present a Plenary session for the upcoming US Business Leadership Conference in Chicago on September 21, 2010! The topic is "Global Opportunities for Entrepreneurs with Disabilities', and represents an early public recognition on the [...]

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New Logo for the Global Network for Entrepreneurs with Disabilities

A core group of members that started the Global Network for Entrepreneurs with Disabilities has worked on, and developed a new logo. This post shares the logo, and some individual reflections of the symbolism as it relates to being a successful business person who happens to live with a disability. A Wordpress website is expected to be launched by mid-June, and readers will be updated!

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The Global Network for Entrepreneurs with Disabilities

This post introduces a newly formed organization that is dedicated to promoting people with disabilities as being capable and successful in self-employment & entrepreneurial pursuits. The Network is the first of its kind to be global in scope, interest, and reach. Its organizational structure is comprised of successful business owners and entrepreneurs with disability to which potential business owners with disability can turn at any stage of their business journey.

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