Life Development Institute in Perspective: The Residential Program

Often times, families will discover Life Development Institute (LDI) and inquire about the various programs that are offered. In hopes to shed clarity on this subject, LDI recognizes that it is necessary to specifically speak about each of its programs and their features.  The hope is that [...]

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Look How Far We

Often times, life is so filled with growth and activity that it becomes common and easy to overlook the steps taken.  At Life Development Institute (LDI), life does not slow down as students are engaged in education and the living out of this education through the development [...]

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LDI Students: Choosing the Wisdom of an Ant Over the Folly of the Grasshopper

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions constantly remind persons of the daily reality of choice and the impending impact these choices have on the present and the future. In fact, the past is but a reminder of the decisions made and the resulting effects, which can be momentary or long-lasting. [...]

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It’s Time for You to Discover the Excellence at Life Development Institute!

As school is ending and summer is beginning, the last thing many people want to think about is the impending next year of school. However, this is the key time to consider, choose, and enroll your student into Life Development Institute.  LDI begins its fall 2016 trimester [...]

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Emerging Leaders Summer Academy Launches in Flagstaff

LDI is pleased to announce 11 new Leaders start the first Summer Academy at Northern Arizona University on June 16th, 2014! Our Leaders hail from across the USA, Nigeria and Canada, but all have a common mission and purpose- To improve and enhance personal abilities to make/keep [...]

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Veronica Crawford, President, Nominated for the 2013 Community Based Transition Provider Award

Congratulations to Veronica Crawford, LDI President for her selection by the Arizona Department of Education Exceptional Student Services for the 2013 Community Based Transition Provider Award! The award recognizes her outstanding service to students with disabilities in a community setting, and will be presented on September 30, 2013 [...]

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Disabled Students in Higher Education: How are we doing Internationally?

Worldwide, for most students with specific learning disability (LD), ADHD, Asperger's syndrome (ASD) or mental health conditions considering higher education, ongoing or unrecognized educational difficulties have adversely affected how many view themselves and their opportunities for the future. Difficulties in making major decisions about one's future are [...]

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