Webinar Review: Cultivating Personal Resilience: The Secrets of Trauma to Triumph

Life Development Institute (LDI) provides education and successful transition to adulthood for adolescents and young adults who have learning disabilities (LD), non-verbal learning disabilities (NLD), Asperger’s syndrome, ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), and other social and learning differences.  As part of the mission and vision of LDI, [...]

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Speaker Series in Review: Jenny Miller on

On December 14, 2016, Jenny Miller from Arizona Private Education Scholarship Fund, Inc. (APESF) spoke at Life Development Institute’s (LDI) monthly Speaker Series. LDI provides education for teens and young adults with learning disabilities, Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), ADHD, Asperger’s syndrome, and other similar social and learning [...]

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LDI Speaker Series in Review: Finding Yourself in Service to Others

What would you do if you received $86,400 today?  What would you do if received $86,400 tomorrow?  What would you do if you continued to receive $86,400?  With these questions, Bob Shogren, AmeriCorps Director of the Governor’s Office of Youth, Faith, and Family, began his Speaker Series [...]

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Speaker Series in Review: How Well Trained Dogs Can Change the Lives of Kids and Teens!

On August 17, 2016, Karen Rice and Wendi Faircloth from Raising Hope presented at Life Development Institute’s (LDI) monthly Speaker Series.  Each month, LDI offers a Speaker Series event to students, families, staff, professionals, and community members.  These events provide the participants with education focused upon application [...]

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Speaker Series in Review: Words Speak Volumes: Optimizing Language to Maximize Opportunity

Life Development Institute provides students, families, professionals, and community members the opportunity to participate in a monthly Speaker Series event wherein presentations and workshops offer vital discussion related to topics that affect each person.  As a fully accredited school for persons who have Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), [...]

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Speaker Series in Review: Learning Related Vision Problems

Life Development Institute continued its Speaker Series on May 18,2016 as Dr. Paula Handford and Dr. Jennifer Idoni from Midwestern University offered the community insight into learning related vision problems.  Unknown to most persons, vision actually accounts for as much as 80% of the learning process.  Clearly [...]

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Friendly Reminder: Resilient Parenting Crucial for Children with Hidden Disabilities

LDI’s President, Veronica Crawford, along with LDI’s Director of Operations, Justin Coller, presented at the Phoenix Autism Speaker Series in January, 2015 on the need for resilient parenting for children with hidden disabilities. Although this topic had been previously written about, a friendly reminder of its content [...]

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Thursday Night May 15th: Secrets to Brain Peak Performance in Spite of ADD, ASD, LD and More

is your child struggling with ADHD, ADD or LD? Dr. Gerhart will describe natural approaches to improving brain performance including Lifestyle and Brain Mapping and Brain Balancing. Dr. Gerhart's practice has added QEEG Neurofeedback, also called Brain Mapping and Brain Balancing, which can support optimal brain functioning related to the occurrence of brain injuries , learning challenges and other chronic conditions. Dr. Gerhart has 32 years of experience in his field and serves the North Valley from his office in Peoria.

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