Life Development Institute Wishes You a Happy Labor Day!

Life Development Institute (LDI), its staff, and its students hope you have a very happy Labor Day.   As you may know, Labor Day occurs on the first Monday in September and was developed to honor the social and economic achievements of workers throughout the United States. [...]

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Education Reform: Why haven

For more than 30 years, our nation has focused on improving education and workplace preparation. Initially, these efforts were to ensure equal learning opportunities for students, professionalize teaching, increase standards, and produce a “world class” educational system. These efforts grew from concerted attention to an overall educational [...]

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WISE 2010: Innovative global education models and learners with disabilities

This post reviews parts of the second World Innovation Summit for Education held in Doha, Qatar on December 7-9, 2010 and implications for learners with disabilities. Nearly 1300 dignitaries, thought leaders, disruptive ICT practitioners, program planners and policy makers were provided with a more focused program with deeper debates, better internet access, WISE web TV and WISE Twitter feeds to push out up live updates. Find out more here!

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A Generation of Education Reform: Where are the improved life outcomes for people with disabilities?

For more than 25 years, national attention has focused on improving the supposed sad state of education and workforce preparation in America. The initial stated intention was to ensure equal learning opportunities for students, professionalize teaching, raise standards, and produce a pre-eminent “world class” educational system. Concerted [...]

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