One of the many joys that Life Development Institute (LDI) continues to receive is being an active participant in the development, success, and progress of its students.

The culmination of hard-work, time, and commitment result in the successful transition of students towards the next stage in their life as independent adults empowered in their courageous self-expression.  As such, it is with great pride and honor that LDI congratulates Jordan on his completion of his program and wish him the best in all of his future endeavors.  In honor of Jordan’s legacy, his advisor Mike Griffin offers the following words, which speak to his success at LDI and the great opportunities that exist ahead of him:

Jordan has been a joy while here at LDI.  Jordan has successful completed his 2-year program requirements and has earned his Diversity Leadership Alliance Certificate as well.  Jordan came to LDI by way of our Emerging Leaders program in Flagstaff, Arizona.

When first arriving at LDI, Jordan lacked skills needed to successfully live on his own.  Due to Jordan’s hard work and efforts, he was able to gain the necessary skills needed and has thrived in the LDI setting ever since.  Jordan has been a consistently volunteered at places such as Rising Youth Theatre, Horses Help, OCJ Kids, and Foothills Aquatic Center.

Jordan will be continuing on with his education and following his passion of music.  Jordan will be attending the Musicians Institute in Hollywood, California where he will be focusing on obtaining a music degree in the areas of contemporary music.  Jordan will be utilizing skills learned at LDI by living on his own in an apartment adjacent from the Musicians Institute.  All of the staff and students at LDI wish Jordan all the best and will continue to be his biggest supporters while he is following his passion of music.

Way to go Jordan!!