Currently, Veronica Crawford, President of LDI and published author of “Embracing the Monster” is writing a children’s book called “My Majik Mind.”  Last week, students competed to be the published artist of Veronica’s book.  Seven participants entered the contest, and votes were collected to nominate a winner as well as the runner-up.  Participants submitted drawings based upon their own artistic flare and were judged on creativity, inspiration, and ingenuity.  All students who entered will win a prize of $25.  The runner-up will win $50, and the first place winner receives $100.  Further, if the winner completes all the drawings for “My Majik Mind,” then this person will receive an additional $250, be credited on the cover of the book along with Veronica as the author, and will also have both picture and bio contained on the inside of the book.  If the winner is unable to complete all the pictures for the book, then the runner-up has the opportunity to complete these pictures and would then receive the same additional rewards of $250, credit on the cover, and picture and bio inside the book once all the pictures are completed.

Upon receipt, all submissions came with a great variety of styles, which made this a difficult decision.  Ultimately, the staff arrived at a unanimous outcome.  On Friday, October 30, 2015, students and staff gathered together during their community meeting, just prior to the annual Halloween Costume Party, to congratulate the winner, Frankie V. and the runner-up, Baxter B.!  

“My Majik Mind” should be ready for publication no later than the first of January and be available to print no later than the end of January, 2016.  Watch out for the announcement via Life Development Institute!  “My Majik Mind” will be for sale on Amazon!