As science and mainstream society learn more about both autism and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), more resources become available all the time. However, some challenges remain with education, especially with higher education including finding the best college programs for autism.

Intellectually, individuals on the autism spectrum and those with ADHD are well within the higher percentile. But many of these individuals find that many institutions of higher learning are too large and impersonal to meet their special needs. Areas where these institutions are lacking range in everything from housing accommodations to class assistance. But this doesn’t mean that those with autism or ADHD have to forego this type of education.

What Are The Best College Programs For Autistm And ADHD?

By law, all institutions of higher learning are required to offer programs and resources for students with specific disabilities. This includes autism and ADHD. Unfortunately, these protective measures are vague as to what these institutions must offer. As a result, some schools offer minimal services, while others offer what’s needed to successfully pursue an education and a major. So how can potential students and their parents or caretakers determine what institutions offer the best programs before making a commitment?

Studies have shown that one of the biggest obstacles for autistic students and those with similar disorders is executive functioning, which can affect everything from personal hygiene to getting to class on time. Problems with executive functioning combined with a typical college environment can result in everything from poor to incomplete class grades to basic campus needs not being met. Parents, caretakers, and students can alleviate some of this by working on these transitional hurdles long before college arrives. Working with a school’s disability office to identify and address special needs (a quiet living environment, tutoring) can help students to overcome functioning hurdles as well. But as institutions experience budget cutbacks and shortfalls, students with less “visible” disabilities are beginning to see a decline in these services.

How Life Development Institute Can Help

One solution is to seek an accredited institution that offers education to those with special education needs. Life Development Institute (LDI) is a school for learning disabilities that understands that these students may need to follow a different path in order to proceed to one of higher learning. As a result, LDI specializes in helping students identify existing and needed skills in order to pursue higher learning or career goals. After assessment, LDI offers classes ranging from academic to executive functioning.

When students have achieved these goals at their own pace, LDI further assists with transitioning into area community colleges and job internships. Because these transitions happen in a comfortable and accommodating way, more students successfully complete studies and internships. These special college level programs also give many students the confidence to move on to more challenging work.

Autism and ADHD will present lifelong challenges for students, but with the right college program, they don’t have to be roadblocks.

Interested parents and students should contact LDI to get assistance with advanced programs to help them advance in life.