On November 27,  2018 a community of students along with instructors Joshua Chase and Fred Wieck of the Life Development Institute, a non-traditional learning institution specializing in education for those with Asperger’s, Autism, or learning disabilities, participated in a field trip to the Arizona State Capital Museum, Phoenix, Arizona.

The purpose of the field trip was to immerse students in the rich, historical heritage of Arizona with a focus on leadership and citizenship. The field trip is a required component of the leadership course that the students are enrolled in at LDI.

There is much more to an LDI field trip than simply witnessing an impressive collection of historical photographs, documents and other artifacts associated with Arizona history, economics and politics.

Students completed an assignment to identify an Arizona leader of interest. They engaged in research to describe the individuals’ contribution to our nation, state, or local community. They also learned about the qualities and characteristics of leadership and citizenry as a way of life, not simply as a position.

LDI seeks to promote “hands on” and out-of-the-classroom learning to individualize, and deepen information, knowledge and skills acquired in the traditional, classroom setting.

Students and staff alike came away from the AZ State Capital Museum field trip with a heightened sense and appreciation for the rich heritage of the state of Arizona, its leaders, and the meaning of citizenship.