We are excited to announce that The Academy of Lifelong Learning high school program will be expanding to grades 9-12 in the fall of 2017!

In the past, our LDI class cohorts have always blended both high school-diploma seeking students, with college-capable postsecondary students pursuing higher education, job training and self-sufficiency. We have limited enrollment to our high school component to students who are 17 and older, and have had many international and US students who succeeded in our non-traditional learning community after years of failure and hopelessness in traditional academic settings.`

Due to the growth of the existing program, school choice scholarship funding, and local demand for a 4 year, secondary-level version of our  young adult program of instruction,  The Academy now becomes a separate school program, where it will be housed in new quarters and staffed with special education-certified academic and student advisement staff.

To learn more about this exciting program, please contact us at info@discoverldi.com

In addition to parent-paid tuition or school district referrals, Arizona taxpayers have ways to fund private education through donations to what are known as School Tuition Organizations (STO). LDI has a nonprofit, Education Foundation (link to STO) whose sole purpose is to provide scholarships to students with special learning needs. LDIEF works with partners programs to leverage School Choice tax-credit funding that provides private special education school scholarships for Arizona and some out-of-state students.

Academy of Lifelong Learning students using these scholarships have experienced 90% graduation rates, with students transitioning out to college completion, technical training , holding down a job and supporting themselves.