Mia Coudret, B.A., Manager of Curriculum and Assessment

Mia has been a member of the LDI team for over 10 years. She has served in several roles and has grown with the company.  Beginning as a Residential Coordinator, she first started out teaching Computer Class. Since then, she has taught several different classes each year, has learned a great deal about differentiated instruction and authentic assessment, and  is currently serving as the Manager of Curriculum and Assessment.

Mia holds a bachelor’s degree in Sociology from Northern Arizona University. Her prior experience includes working with college students in a residential setting. Mia holds an Adult Education Certificate with the State of Arizona and is an academic and technology resource to all students and staff alike. She utilizes her training and teaching skills in the classroom as well as with the staff.

In her role at LDI, Mia works with a curriculum team to create, organize, and update the current curriculum to deliver to students. She works to make sure that the learning objectives being delivered to the students at LDI are aligned with the appropriate standards and are addressing the life skills needed by young adults to navigate higher education, daily life, and the workforce. Mia manages all of LDI’s online learning systems to deliver the most up to date and technologically integrated lessons to the students. She also oversees instruction and works to implement high standards of instruction and train staff on best practice and new technology. Mia will also be seen teaching in the classroom and out of class and enjoys being able to work so closely with students to help them achieve their goals.

Mia is a Phoenix native. Since the birth of her daughter, Mia has returned to LDI part-time. She and her husband live nearby with their daughter and German Shepherd. She enjoys being active outdoors, traveling, and spending time with her family.