Graduation symbolizes the completion of a major milestone in one’s journey.  Often times, it is the inauguration into the next phase of one’s life and personal development.

At Life Development Institute (LDI), graduation celebrations include a variety of programs and institutions as LDI students can attend LDI’s high school program, its post-secondary program, its Summer Academy, and be members of other higher education institutions while developing the skills necessary for successful daily living.  This summer, two LDI students have taken this next step in their lives through graduation and admission into their next educational stage.

Lisa MFirst, Lisa M. has been with Life Development Institute for a number of years.  After completing her post-secondary program with LDI, she decided to take advantage of the opportunities afforded her through LDI’s extended services program.  During this time, she completed her AA in Business from Glendale Community College and graduated this past May.  Upon graduation, she has decided to continue in her great work with LDI as a mentor while pursuing her Bachelor’s Degree at Arizona State University, West Campus.  Way to go Lisa!!

Second, Hanako Y. graduated from LDI’s Emerging Leaders Summer Academy last July.  After completing this academy, she discovered that LDI Hanakowas a great place to complete her high school education and obtain her diploma alongside of the transition services she needs to be successful in higher education and life.  As such, Hanako graduated this June from LDI’s Academy of Lifelong Learning, which is its day high school program.  Upon completion of this program, Hanako has applied and been admitted to Arizona State University into Barrett Honors College and will receive a scholarship for her education.  Congrats to Hanako!!

As the celebration continues for both of these students, it is important for everyone to reflect upon the current place where each one resides.  Maybe this is a time of celebration as one moves to another phase in life, or maybe this is the time to continue on the journey to reach that benchmark.  In any position in life, the success of these two individuals is a wonderful reminder of the joy found when one pursues dreams, works hard to obtain them, and relishes in the sweetness of achievement.