Dear LDI families,

We hope this email finds you well and safe with your loved ones close, as our country and world head into uncharted waters during this pandemic.

LDI staff have made preparations as best we can for program coverage, as in the email from March 16, 2020, I informed students/parents that we would suspend campus-based classes until at least April 6, 2020.

Veronica and I tasked staff with inspecting apartments of students who returned home last week for the calendared Spring break period.

We are in the program building this week, developing plans for delivering instruction via Schoology/distance learning formats, in lieu of face to face interactions of a normal classroom. As these preparations are put in place, we will continue to provide updates as often as possible to continue to communicate and connect with you.

Although we hope not to have to implement this form of instruction and support, it is prudent and necessary to put together contingencies as no one is sure of the direction, duration, and ultimate impact to our abilities to function as a normal society once the virus has played out.

With more cities enforcing stay at home policies, and services becoming more difficult to access, we ask parents of residential students to consider the following:

  • Bring your child home, rather than have them stay in place at their LDI apartment. We will not be entering any student apartments until further notice. If there is an enforced curfew, state border closings, and other travel restrictions, your child will essentially be isolated from family and LDI staff. We are not health care providers or have medical training necessary to treat any illnesses of our students.
  • Restrictions to essential supplies such as water, paper products, meat, dairy, etc. have made it increasingly difficult for most families to properly stock and store enough supplies for at least 4-6 weeks. It is not a stretch for me to say that no student has anywhere near what will be needed for an extended period of time. We can help with ordering online but are concerned that there could be days/weeks before delivery.
  • If your child has come home during this crisis, please have them stay home with you until we can establish an “all clear” signal to return to campus. We ask that you also review our policy guidance on being medically cleared after to Arizona from 3/16/20 correspondence.

These are by no means easy requests to ask of you, as we know it adds to the overall stresses of managing this outbreak we are all dealing with currently.

We just want to make sure your kids are with you where whatever needs to be done on their behalf, is within your direct control to make happen. LDI can do many things to help, but taking on this level of personal responsibility is not one we can accomplish.

Please communicate with your child’s Success Coach or LDI leadership for any questions or updates we need to know about from your end.

Thank you,

Rob Crawford – CEO
Veronica Lieb-Crawford – President