A non-traditional, private learning institution specializing in providing education for students with Aspergers, Autism, or other learning disabilities.


COVID-19 Update 3/24/20

Good morning, As we continue down this path of uncertainty and its impact to our daily lives grows, it is in our mutual best interests to keep looking towards the future we hope to create for your children at LDI. While it is our hope that we can return to ground-based instruction by April 6th, we are working on a parallel online track to maintain continuity of scheduling, student engagement, and service delivery. Either way, we are planning on continuing [...]

Creating a Bridge to College or a Career
for Twice Exceptional Individuals

Our Mission

The Mission of the Life Development Institute is to Develop, Mentor, and Empower Individuals to Cultivate a Life Worth Living

Our Purpose

The purpose of Life Development Institute programs are to create a practical and inclusive bridge between the secondary and higher education/career development aspirations. These are built specifically for under-prepared and under-represented college students with learning challenges.

The goals achieved through LDI programs include:

  • Improved readiness and academic success in college
  • Building interpersonal effectiveness
  • Building self-esteem/confidence
  • Development of self-advocacy and leadership skills

LDI’s evidence-based, peer-validated pragmatic model is designed to address the specific developmental, academic and career needs of under-prepared students that are 14 years of age and older through several levels in their transition to independent and self-supported living. Including:

  • Earning a high school diploma
  • Starting college
  • Achieving a career through employment
    that is compatible with their unique capabilities

The program focuses its classroom instruction on achieving mastery of specific, major adult life demands in the areas of career planning, social/emotional maturity, establishing independence & competitive job development/placement- which are based on the behaviors that any individual- disabled or not- will need for personal success in their home communities.

Life Development Institute Programs

High School

Life Development Institute Day High School Program

The private day high school program is an ideal transitional bridge to higher education, employability and quality of life.

LDI Young Adult

Life Development Institute Young Adult Program

Two year core program with pathways to higher education, technical, occupational training and employment.

LDI Global

Life Development Institute Summer Academy

Volunteer in Spain and join a wide range of volunteer work including Animal Care, Youth Support, Marine Conservation and more.



you can receive a dollar-for-dollar credit on your Arizona state income taxes, all while giving parents and students a choice for their education!


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Individual donors may donate prior to filing their taxes, but no later than April 15 (whichever comes first), and claim the credit for the previous year’s taxes.  There are no extensions, so donations must be postmarked or entered online no later than midnight, April 15. Many donors wait until they receive their W-2s so they can calculate their exact tax liability, then make a donation prior to filing their taxes. Other donors choose not to worry about figuring this out and donate through their Payroll Withholdings!

What Parents Are Saying About LDI

As our son entered Life Development Institute, it was evident that the program staff and administrators understood his challenges. He now has a job with benefits, manages his own complex medical needs, is responsible for maintaining his car and insurance and paying most of his living expenses.

Proud LDI Parents

LDI offered our adult daughter the potential to reach her personal goal: to live independently by the age of 26. Our daughter is intelligent, kind, and focused. LDI has given her the space, respect, tools, support, and structure to succeed in her LDI classes, her service-learning work, and her academic studies at the community college.

Proud LDI Parents

Life Development Institute provided support and was truly a “life development” resource for our son.  Now 20 years later, he is living independently and holding down a job. LDI has been a “game changer” for our son and we would recommend it highly to parents whose children need a special environment.

Proud LDI Parents

Community Events

Life Development Institute plans a wide variety of complimentary, community-based speaker events and workshops featuring renowned experts in the fields of Autism, Asperger’s, ADHD & other related conditions.

No Events Currently Scheduled

Student Events

Upcoming events to provide our students with innovative, emerging strategies and programs proven to assist them in living successful, social & independent lives!


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Life Development Institute offers private residential, internationally recognized, and fully-accredited high school, college and career-focused programs for young adults with special education needs due to Learning Disabilities, Asperger’s Syndrome, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), and similar conditions in beautiful Arizona.