What happens if my daughter/son cannot remember to take necessary medication?
It is the responsibility of the student to package, pick up and take their medications as prescribed by their treating medical professional.  LDI is not a licensed healthcare facility and the employees are not certified to dispense medications.  Therefore, LDI cannot be responsible for tracking down students, ensuring medication is consumed, verifying or dispensing medication for any reason.  LDI can assist the student with medication management through weekly monitoring and have medications available for students to take before classes during the week and provide reminders during evening shift rounds.

Is LDI staff licensed to dispense medication?
LDI is not licensed to dispense medication. We are not a therapeutic program with clinical services or staff.

Is Residential Staff available 24 hours a day 7 days a week?
The residential staff is available during normal business hours and also during evening shifts 7 days a week between 6-10pm.  In addition, Saturday staff is on duty for 8 hours depending on the scheduled time of an activity for that weekend.  There is a staff member that lives on-site and is available between the hours of 10pm and 6am for emergency needs only.  Students are provided with two cell phone numbers should an emergency arise during non-business hours.

Must my daughter/son have a roommate?
No, however is it recommended for our younger or socially inexperienced 1st year students as it may help with the transition into their new environment and provides an additional opportunity to develop stronger inter- personal skills.

How do you choose roommates?
Roommates are determined by reviewing the student’s files and are then matched based on their personalities and interests as often as possible.

What if my son/daughter and their roommate are incompatible?
Students work with their Advisors to reconcile their differences; however, depending on severity of conflict, roommates changes can be arranged.

What if my son/daughter needs extra help leaning independent living skills?
If a student or parent requests, or if staff recognizes a need, a residential student mentor will be assigned to the student. The mentor will regularly meet with the student, at least once a week for one on one skills training, whether it is to learn how to properly due laundry, developing organization skills, or creating a cleaning schedule.

My son/daughter has never planned meals before; will someone be able to help with this?
Students learn to plan meals through cooking class instruction and curriculum.
Individualized assistance is available upon request.

How long must my daughter/son attend cooking class?
It is recommended that all students attend cooking class throughout the Post-Secondary Program; however, depending on their skill level, they may receive permission to test out.

How often are apartment inspections done?
Apartment inspections are done once a week.

Who is responsible for maintaining the apartments?
Students are responsible for maintaining their own apartments as being part of an adult program, but they will receive guidance from their advisor and from residential staff regarding what we consider safe and healthy living conditions. Ultimately, the living conditions in the student apartment are the sole responsibility of the student.

What should a student do if there is a maintenance issue at their apartment?
Students need to contact Residential staff to have a work order submitted. The apartment complex maintenance personnel usually respond within 24 hours.

Can my son/daughter have a maid?
It is not recommended, but special consideration may be given in instances where there are executive functioning issues that impact organization or task sequencing/completion which might necessitate outside assistance.

How do the students get to the grocery store?
Residential staff provides weekly van rides to the grocery store.

Does my son/daughter have to ride in the van on grocery trips?
Yes, until otherwise approved by their advisor. This provides staff with an opportunity to establish a level of competency in developing a reasonably complete and healthy shopping list and purchases.